5 Reasons To Print Yearly Calendars

5 Reasons To Print Yearly Calendars

We’ve been hard at work printing 2018 Calendars for our clients, schools, charities and sports clubs. Calendars are a simple and effective way to fundraise and increase revenue.

Our top five reasons why we think you should send a promotional calendar to your clients and customers this year.

1.You will give something useful to your clients. Even with all the digital calendars available today on our computers and smartphones, I remain convinced that nothing beats a printed calendar. They are just practical, easy to use and versatile. At work I actually have a desktop calendar on the windowsill, an A5 calendar under my mousepad, a large calendar on the wall and a credit card format calendar taped on my screen. I use calendars to plan upcoming events, keep track of staff holiday, plan trips and deliveries or just remember what date it is.

2. You will get huge exposure, especially if it’s sent to a large company with lots of offices. Just think about all the calendars displayed on the walls or on the desks of offices around Ireland. When you think about it, given their visual nature, calendars are always “exposed”. You might send your calendar to one person, but it will be seen by many more people in their office. And finally, calendars are designed to last for a year, so you are guaranteed one full year of exposure. Now tell me, do you get the same results when you send a nice pen or a notepad?

3.You will get free advertising space. Your calendars should first and foremost be beautiful and useful, but if you choose to, you can use them to get your message across, to showcase your products, to remind people of events you attend and to strengthen your brand.

4.You will be loved. We send a desktop calendar to our clients every year, with beautiful images, inspirational quotes and nutritional slimming world recipes. People really love them and expect to receive them each year, to the point where they would send us an e-mail to ask for their calendar if they have not received it by the first week in January.

5 Your competition will do it if you don’t. You might not see the value in promotional calendars, but this argument alone should be enough to convince you: your competitors are probably already sending calendars to your clients and prospects. Most people have a calendar in their office but they usually don’t buy them: they keep the one they receive, so make sure it’s yours!

Finally, I’d like to add that calendars come in all shapes and sizes, fitting most budgets, our most popular is the 28 page saddle stitch. Here’s one we recently produced for one of our clients, prices can be found on our website if you cannot see the quantity you require contact us [email protected] and we will be happy to assist and offer you 10% off your calendar order if you pay in CASH at time of collection. Minimum order 200 calendars.