Tips For Everyone Attending A Conference Or Event

Tips For Everyone Attending A Conference Or Event

Conferences are big opportunities for companies to further expand their businesses. They lift little-known companies from ignominy, allow companies to market new products from services, share information between similar companies or cooperatives and further strengthen bonds between companies and present customers. Such is the importance of conferences and conventions that companies cannot afford to miss the opportunity and must not ruin the opportunity by coming unprepared or presenting haphazardly.
Companies or more specifically conference representatives are tasked with uplifting the company name, introduce new products and services and at times even do damage control so coming prepared with compelling rhetoric and speeches with complete printed and digital material is crucial, coming clueless invites disaster. There are many tips and tricks companies and representatives could follow when attending conferences or events and enticing new customers and keeping present ones asking for more. Here are some of them:

1. Before the conference, attendees should carefully note the schedule, the venue and the presenters of interest to them. For simultaneous presentations of interest, it would be prudent to bring along some colleagues to attend them all or if alone, check the schedules carefully and prioritise. Note the importance of the presentations. Choose carefully and finish the chosen presentation to absorb as much information as possible, do not forget the handouts. Familiarity with the conference venue is also important so as to quickly get from one presentation to another.

2. Also before the conference, it would be prudent to make transportation arrangements so as not to be late at the venue. Aside from making notes of the presenters, attendees or representatives should register early onsite or online to secure some of the limited seats.

3. Bringing professionally-made company material such as brochures, flyers and the ever-important business card – these printed materials should be attractive and professionally made to immediately catch the eye and interest of the target market. Professionally made materials often have the impact needed to attract customers and convey much information. They should come with complete information so as to properly inform customers about the company, its goals, its products and services even in the unlikely event of speaker ineptness. Representatives or attendees should always bring enough copies of flyers, brochures and business cards to reach as many potential customers as possible; even those indirectly involved in the event.

4. Handouts go both ways – conference attendees should take some printed materials or handouts themselves from other speakers and exhibitors. This helps the exchange of ideas between conference attendees and their respective businesses.

5. Professional attire – is a must for company representatives unless the business or nature of the conference calls for specific work wear. A good suit, heels and a fresh tidy appearance always commands the respect of other attendees and adds confidence to speakers as well.

6. Practiced speech – For speaking representatives, a well-crafted speech or script is also a must during conferences. The speech should be concise, and direct to the point and flows along with the material in company flyers and brochures. The speech should not cover everything since everything is often discussed in professionally made brochures or vice-versa. Most important attendees should have a practiced elevator speech and be flexible enough for unexpected questions. Some dashes of humor will not hurt and will help keep the audience focused. Practice makes perfect!

7. Attendees are often given an allotted time to networks so the prepared elevator speech should not be overly long or abruptly short.

8. Attendees must also be open enough to listen to suggestions from other participants whose ideas can actually help the company and its products. The speaker or representative must present a light mood, smiles are magnetic and politeness is an adhesive.

9. A good presentation keeps the audience’s attention and a product demonstration is effective marketing for a product and keeps the audience in their seats. Effective one-liners are much better for slides so be creative.

10. Company brochures distributed to the audience and attendees should contain much of the information that was presented. This ensures the presentation is absorbed even after the conference. Professionally made multi-page brochures or at the very least, strong four-page brochures containing several colored pages of printed material are a must to entice the audience and show the image of a strong, well-funded company. An attached business card is a great plus.

11. Politeness – is important in conferences as it is anywhere else. Stay silent during presentations unless asked to participate. Do not antagonise the presenter. Confront or discuss conflicting views after the presentation.

12. Customers always gravitate to power, regardless of cost. It is always best for companies to have professionally-made printed material such as business cards, brochures, flyers, display media and posters when attending conferences because such is a large part of marketing the company itself and its products. Properly designed and well-crafted material projects a very strong company image. Like attracts like, the way you present yourself and your business says a lot about “the way you do business”.

13. Bring as many evaluation forms as possible, ask for feedback. This is also important for conferences so as to gain feedback from attendees. Create or commission professionally-made evaluation forms as to compel responses from the other attendees. Also complete evaluation forms as much as possible from other presenters.

Conferences are often profitable for all participants who follow these tips and tricks. With the proper tools and preparedness, information will be well-distributed and exchanged and the experience will be fulfilling for all concerned.