• Pop Up Display Unit
  • Pop Up Display Unit

Pop Up Display Unit

No wonder this is the favourite portable display system within the industry. Our pop up units or portable display units are designed to be sturdy and compact, light to transport, quick to assemble and it packs a huge graphics punch. Infinitely flexible, its modular design allows you to combine as many panels as your imagination allows in a staggering array of shapes and sizes. Download our pop up portable display brochure and choose from a variety of pop up portable display units that bests suit your needs, requirement and space. This is total expo at it’s best!

Save up to 50% by renting one of our Popup Display kits. If you only have one exhibition to display at, don’t have the storage space to hold the equipment or simply want to save money, renting might be the option for you.

Choose from hiring just the unit, the unit along with display panels or a fully printed display where you keep the graphics and just return the unit.

Contact us [email protected] for further information. Check out our 3 min Dublin Web Summit video and see how we can enhance your event